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Finally had enough

Created: 08 Jul 2013
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I'm not really one to take to forums to voice a complaint, but I definately am this time.

Symatec, you've just lost the plot.

Background:   Client of ours is using BE12.5; actually, this product is good.  Works. No real issues except we now need to include several DB servers in the backup strategy.... Hence began the nightmare that IS Symantec.

Of course, getting any agents for deprecated software isn't possible.  So, being the ever so thoughtful professional, I decided to embark on "The upgrade"

Well, the entire process has been a complete, dismal failture --- right from attempting to download the trial software onward.

The trial software downloads as a corrupt ZIP file regardless of how you do it or how you attempt to extract it.  After many attemps we finally decided that since we had to upgrade anyway, the solution for us was to remove Symantec from the equation and go with CA.

So, Symantec, you've now lost us as a customer.  Fix your stuff please; starting with your 'trial' and then move on to your products in general.

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