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find class id by device ID

Created: 02 Feb 2013 | 6 comments


we have many users who use USB Wireless device to connect internet and we want to block these devices by SEPM, so i can find Device ID but i found that every device that have own device ID like Dlink device with device ID like "usb\vid-2001" or "usb\vid-0CV" and also fujitdu USB wireless like "usb\vid-1371".

i would like to know how can i find class id of these devices instead of device id or any other solution that can be solve pur problem in organization.

we have SEPM 12.1.1205

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You need to use a tool called devviewer. It is on the install dvd under tools. This will give you the hardware ID

Check here

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DevViewer --Tool helpful for Application and Device control to find Hardware Device ID and GUID

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Have you tried the above comment? what is current status of your issue?

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You can also find dev viewer on the systems which have SEP installed.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\12.1.2015.2015.105\Bin

and you may see DevViewer

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Here is all possible class ID tht can be found on Windows

use special caution while blocking class the above class ID might be of generic USB device or Human Interface Device and blocking that will block many other things that u really dont want..

So from the above link verify what does that class id mean and always test your policies before applying it on production.

Vikram Kumar

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