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finding advices for backup strategy

Created: 08 Apr 2013 • Updated: 15 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi All,

I am new to backup world, so it is helpful if you can give me advices on how to decide a backup strategy if the requirements are:

  1. Off-site archieve backup yearly
  2. Off-ste archieve backup monthly
  3. Be able to restore at any point in time within 30days

Note: i am using BE2012 + 24 slot Dell tape library - LT05

What i think now is to creat media set as below and backup schedule accordingly

  1. Yearly backup (Full backup) : at the last Friday of year ( Saturday and Sunday are weekend, no need to backup)
    - Overwrite protection : no overite
    - Append period : 2 days ( it takes 2 days for backup full system)
  2. Monthly backup (full backup): at the last Friday of month. But if it is the last friday of year, yearly job will take place
    - Overwrite protection : 1 year ( this tape can be used for next year, for example "January")
    - Append period: 2 days
  3.   Weekly backup (full backup): at every friday. But if it is the last friday of year or month, yearly or monthly job will take place
    - Friday1: OPP = ??? ; APP = 2 days 
    - Friday2: OPP =???; APP = 2days
    - Friday3   OPP= ???; APP = 2 days
    Note: i am sure which is the approriate number for OPP of friday1...3. Can you advices me on this?
  4. Daily backup ( incremential backup)
    - Happen from Monday to Thurday
    - Use 16 tapes, each for Monday1, Tuesday1,..... Wednesday4, Thursday4.
    - OPP : 1months, APP: 1 day

Thanks in advance for your help.



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pkh's picture

For your weekly tape, you need to keep it for a month to coincide with your daily backups.

Tho Le's picture


Thank you for you reply.

If i set weekly media set with OPP = 4weeks, it will work perfectly for months that have 4 weeks, but how about months with 5 weeks ?

Week1 --->Friday1



Week4 ----->Friday1 ( if OPP = 4 weeks, the job will fail since Friday1 is under overwrite protection)

Week5 ------>monthly backup

The above schedule is just my though. I am willing to learn if anyone has any better ideas.



pkh's picture

Unfortunately, there is no perfect way in an imperfect world to set the OPP.  For your example, you can reduce the OPP to 3 weeks to make the tape overwritable.