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finding folders in a catalog search not seeming to work

Created: 21 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
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Ive been using catalog search to find a folder a user deleted from their area. Using catalog search i can find their user folder by inputting the resource\path in and adding their named folder ie,

file\item name: 08seno01

path: homes\students\2008\

resource: \\nas01\\\nas01\E::

This brings up dozens of results from the last few months as i would expect, however i need to find a folder inside 08seno01 so i move that to path and add the name of the folder i need to find inside that..

file\item name: ict

path: homes\students\2008\08seno01\

resource: \\nas01\\\nas01\E::

however this returns nothing... I know for a 100% fact this folder is there and spelt correctly as it shows in the backups and thats the one i need to find.

Please can anyone let me know what im doing wrong or if what i want to do is even possible?



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Hello James,

Please try to use it with wild card eg. *foldername*. Hope this will help.

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Still nothing im afraid. Have attached a screengrab, please can you let me know im doing it right?

New Picture.jpg
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As per the screenshot it seems the search is still running as the stop button is still active and all others are greyed out. Please wait for the search to finish.

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Sorry i pasted the wrong screen grab i took during the search, but it did actually finish with no results. That result took 15 mins of searching too