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Fine-tune Credit Card Policy

Created: 06 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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Dear All ,

We have an existing credit card policy and have to fine-tune it now . I have with me the starting 6 digits of the credit card no's (123456 **** *** ***).

How do I add this to the existing CC rule to capture any card no's starting from these 6 digits.I need the best practice as this is to fine-tune the existing policy to reduce false positives.

Thanks !

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Hi Muzami,

 As u might aware that Symantec DLP has solutionpack for finanacial firm and contain predefine data identifier for CCN (credit card no) just u need to add this detection in policy rule.

As per ur above query u wanted to add 6 characters initail in detection but If u have CCN detection than it has Luhn Check Digit Algorithm which standard and verified by Mastro and Visa etc.

If ur requirement is u wanted to detect of intial 6 character in some specific mananer than u need to redesigne the detection with DCM technology call ed as Regex (Regular Expression)

for more refer below

please refer below

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Hi KS Sharma ,
I saw the links you had posted on my discussion but its not what i want exactly .. I wanted to know the best possible way and its steps for implementation .
The links you sent me talk about the Keyword rule and also about the Regular Expression rule for fine tuning . For my query, where i have formats of Credit Card No's ( First Six digits ) and need to fine tune policy in such a way where credit card no's with the the same six digits are detected. Need a proper solution to it . Those links are rather confusing for me .. 
It would be really kind of you to post something which is more accurate and easy to follow. What i rting understand from the links is that I will have to either add a regular expression rule .now the question arises, along with the Credit Card no's starting with these six digits, do the other card no's arw also detected ? .. Because there is a Credit Card rule is already running along with the refular expression rule .
Please advise ..