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Fingerprint cache on client

Created: 20 Nov 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Where are stored fingerprint cache on NBU clients ? Is there a way to limit the maximum amount (in MB or so)  of this cache ?

I did not found this information in pd.conf file.

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yes.. we can limite the size ... and also we can disabe the fingerprint catche.

FP_CACHE_LOCAL = 0 to trun off the catche.

FP_CACHE_MAX_MBSIZE in pd.conf to limite the size

check the below tech Note for more options in pd.conf

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Not sure.

According to the documentation :

FP_CACHE_MAX_MBSIZE : Specifies the amount of memory in MBs to use for the fingerprint cache

FP_CACHE_LOCAL is not applicable on client

I guess that you did not undestand my question. I want to know :

Where is the fingerprint cache directory stored on the client ?

How can I limit the space used on disk (on client side) for the fingerprint cache directory ?

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The client side fingerprint cache is not stored on disk, but rather in memory.  The cache is loaded when the backup starts from the last previous full backup.  The cache is then released from memory when the backup is complete.

FP_CACHE_MAX_MBSIZE is used to limit the amount of memory used by the cache.

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Thank you PeteWall. So before each full backup the client need to load fingerprint cache in memory ... I believed that the cache was first stored on local disk on client side to avoid transferring fingerprint from the server to the client before the backup....