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Firewall ports

Created: 31 Jul 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments
Dear, I have a question regarding IM Manager, when I try to login with an IM client does not work for me.
My doubt is as follows, it is necessary to open some ports in the firewall for client computers or just open the firewall to the server officer correctly.
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You will need to make sure the port are open between the client and the IM Manager server AND between the IM Manager server to the external network.


The ports and hostnames are listed in the IM Manager Implementation guide in the 'Configuring Your Firewall' section.


Bear in mind that all connections from the IM Manager server need to be open only for OUTBOUND connections.

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actually we dont need to deal with ports, but if ur firewall is ON...and ur browsing/chatting.....then ur firewall will prompt u for allowing that application to access network or in ur case if u r connecting with IM then ur firewall shud ask u for allowing IM access to network o not.....if it is not prompting, then check ur firewall settings

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Several of the public clients login around IM Manager. In those cases, it is because IM Manager handles the messages that are transferred, but does not manage the actual login process. That is why it is important to implement the firewall as described in the Implementation Guide, just like Mr.BadExample said.