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firewall in SEP 12.1 is blocking XP and Server 2003 platforms' browsing of shares/computers

Created: 03 Jan 2012 • Updated: 03 Jan 2012 | 3 comments

The firewall in SEP 12.1 is blocking XP and Server 2003 platforms' browsing of  shares/computers.  I can still map these shares as network drives etc. but  I can only see VISTA and 7 clients in my network. SEP 11 did not have this  issue.  These clients are managed from the server and I have verified this  behavior by turning the firewall off. SEPM and SEP 12.1.1000.157 RU1 (the 11 clients also lost their ability to browse XP/2003 once SEPM 12.1 went in)

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There should be entries of the blocking in the firewall log. You can check it here:


Monitors > Logs > Log type: Network Threat Protection > Log Content: Traffic

Set an appropriate time range.

SEP client:

View Logs > Network Threat Protectio/View Logs > Traffic Log

In both logs, you can see the name of the firewall rule which blocked the data packet. In the SEPM view, you have to highlight a row and click on the "Details" link to achieve this.

If there is nothing, you can change your firewall policy by enabling "write to traffic log" for every blocking rule.

Maybe a new SEP 12.1 default firewall rule is overzealous.

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Hello pfellows,

It sounds like the firewall policy you are using is not configured to allow Microsoft File and Printer sharing traffic. Our default traffic should allow this without issue. Are you using a customized firewall policy? If so, you need to make sure to allow the ports and protocols specified in the following document.



The Symantec Endpoint Protection Knowledgebase

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Please check for enabling SEP firewall rule allowing the share.Please refer the attachment.


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