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First time Setup gives 0 values

Created: 22 May 2013 | 3 comments

Refering to the article here TECH203067 ( we have 0 values in all the right pane of the first time setup page. It's weird, because if I visit the page from the server the enhanced view of the first time setup page shows correctly, but if I browse from any client, the values remain to 0. In the attachment the view from a client. We use the same user from the server and client.

We have Notification Server 7.1 SP2.

I removed all the bindings but 80 from IIS still have the problem

Reinstalled Deployement solution still have the problem

Operating Systems:

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If it looks fine on the server and NOT fine when browsing from a client, then it's something on the workstation that is wrong, most likely.  For instance, maybe Silverlight needs to be reinstalled, or plugins are blocked/missing, or... something like that.

There's always a chance it's rights, but I'm leaning more toward what I mentioned for now.

Thomas Baird
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Hmmm... Rights could still be it.  You might try looking at the IIS logs when you browse to that page from the workstation and see if there are something like 401 errors or... something.  Something that shows up from that client's IP and not when you do the same from the server.  It might be related.  You could also check the logs.

I guess after re-reading my post, I felt a little over confident.  <sigh>  Maybe one of the two will help.

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Now is weirder than before. On my client it works fine and I don't know what changes I've made, but on other clients it doesn't work properly.

The good thing is that i know that is a client problem for sure. Probably some security settings in Internet Explorer.