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Fix Backup Exec SKUs in your SKU Generator and Margin Builder...

Created: 02 Jun 2014 | 2 comments
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There appears to be an unnecessary level of confusion, here in Australia at least, about Backup Exec multi-year SKUs. Two key Symantec tools aren't correctly generating the multi-year SKUs for backup Exec, for new licenses, renewals or upgrades. The two key Symantec tools getting the SKUs wrong are:

The Symantec SKU Genertaor:

The Symantec Margin Builder:

In all cases, when selecting a multi-year Backup Exec license product (new, renewal or upgrade) the SKUs generated are always multiples of the 12 month SKUs, which end in El1ES. What should be generated are the multi year SKUs ending in El2ES (for 24 monthe) or El3ES (for 36 months).

I have tried talking to the channel, my Symantec contacts (numerous they are) as well as trying to contact channel marketing personnel on Symantec Connect, who have posted in the past about the Margin Builder site. However, all my attempts at getting this fixed are met with pointing fingers, shrugs of shoulders or, quite rudely unprofessional, no response whatsoever!

If you guys can't get your SKUs right in your own partner and channel tools, after repeated reports of the failures, what does this say about your company's approach to QA?

This is why Symantec's products are suffering. Your organisation is suffering from some pretty serious disfunction at the moment, with everybody behaving like teflon and not taking ownership or responsibility for things.

I apologise for the rant and for being somewhat brutally frank about my perception of this situation, but I am finding dealing with you guys increasingly frustrating.


David Jones

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I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with these two separate tools, and that you've had issues in the past getting someone to respond. I'll do what I can to help take care of you here. I work specifically with the SKU Generator for Backup Exec and can tell you we are in the process of updating that tool to have all the information/SKUs for the recently released Backup Exec 2014 in it. It will take a few weeks to get it updated though, but I'd be happy to let you know as soon as that has been taken care of.

There is another team who looks after Margin Builder tool and I can tell you that they've sent an email off to the vendor they work with to build that tool to have them look into this matter. As soon as we hear back from them, we'll update you on that tool as well.


Susie Spencer, Backup Exec Product Marketing

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Following up on my last comment, our team looked into the issue with Margin Builder, identified the problem and have fixed it. These SKUs should be showing up now in Margin Builder. If for some reason you are not seeing them, let us know.