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fix Security information Manager

Created: 04 Jun 2012 | 8 comments

Dear All

SIM having following troubles

How to fix this problems to display status "UP" replaced for "Unknow"

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i found the solution at link


Verify or change Agent logging settings through the SSIM client:

  • Under the Agent Configurations > logging, verify the Agent Queue Statistics Report Interval number is not set below 30 seconds.  The default setting is 300.
  • Under Rules > Monitors, verify the System State Monitor is enabled and configured.

 After making any changes or if no problems were found, restart the simserver & statsvc services.

But i can't find where Agent Configuarations ? please help me

Thanks so much

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I did following this guide, then i reset SIM Server and statsvc but not Ok

i don't know why ?

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why haven't any one help me this problem ?

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You're best bet may be to open a ticket with support.

Please click the "Mark as solution" link at bottom left on the post that best answers your question. This will benefit admins looking for a solution to the same problem.

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If a Sensor has anything in the Execution Time field of the Sensor, for example the SEP State sensor is set to collect SEP State information once every 24 hours at midnite (00:00:01). If this is the case then most of the time the state of the Sensor shows as unknown in the Table view of the Visualizer but the Agent on the machine will appear as "Agent Up". Once the Sensor sends events as scheduled the Sensor will have a green check next to it for the next 10 to 15 minutes and then goes back to Unknown.




Avkash K

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The state collectors will show "unknown" except for when they are scheduled to collect. Overall, given the list of collectors that I can pick from the list, this looks like a time sync issue. Do you have NTP set up and properly configured on all your systems?  It looks like the SSIM and the agents/point products may be showing different times. 

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Your visualizer might be broken. This happens if you have more than one nodes with the same Host Name or Same DNS Name .Kindly check this under Organization OU .Another thing is that EPS is shown as zero .apart from visualizer ,use other ways such as  Events ( top N by field) to confirm if you are receiving any events or not .