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Flagged items archived

Created: 17 Jul 2012 • Updated: 11 Oct 2012 | 9 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi all,

I know it's been asked a lot before, but from what I understand - I can clear flag from a stub, not from the original item archived.

Say I have an environment with no stubs at all, only Virtual vault.
I have some users complaining that after their items are archived - items that had flags on them - the flags are not visible in Virtual Vault.
They loose their reminders on the flags and cannot change it as they get a message saying that they cannot change an archived item.

Any way to bypass this?

Any solution to not archive flags at all?

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Only thing i can think of is to tell your users to put on a pending reminder for like a week or so and then set the policy to not archive items with pending reminders

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its more than 35K active archives...

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Well the way i see it is, even if its a requirement of the customer and they pushed it up the channels through sales, PM etc, it would take time to review, design, code, test, QA etc as a hotfix, i don't believe there is any other way you can really get round it.

So just like there is user training and documentation for the client and pretty much everything else they do, they should be given some guidance as to what their best options are as it stands going forward, in the hope that a better or more permanant solution will be found in the future.

I know user training and user accpetance can be a pain in a large organization like that, but when it is something that is "you can eithe rdo this or face issues", people can adapt

Either that or start specifying folders to archive from and set everything else to do not archive.
or give them all virtual vault and no automated archiving so they can start moving items in to VV when they're ready etc etc

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My few cents

The flag MAPI attribute is not an attribute that is supported on our MAPI store provider implementation that we use for virtual vault. The flag attribute still exists on the original message, but is not an attribute that we sync down to the virtual vault.

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As the idea is to move all the users to use Virtual Vault and I cannot simply tell them "well, I know that you work with flags, but it will not work for you in Virtual Vault".

I would be expecting some bypass to this issue, filter files? anything else to try and fix it?

Would appreciate it if this can get to the next to consider requests...


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Hey Sarah. 

I know your concern has been raised and I think that given the current contstraints of the product there is no easy solution and the easiest would be the challange of user education to keep their expectations in order and inform them how they can work arround this going forward.

I seem to recall that there was something saying they were looking into this. It appears that it has been determined as per the design of the product and a limitation of the store provider. 

You can submit an enhancment request if you like to see if you can have the issue looked at for future revisions but I do not think you will be able to find a solution within the native funcationlity or tweakability of the product. 

I hope this helps and if I have missed anything please let us know

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I understand what you say.

educating a small group of people is possible.

In that specific case. I have an environment with 42,000 active archives, spread all over the world, with branches in different countries, different hours, different languages...

You can try and educate 1000 people.

when it's 42,000 users - I will have to provide a solution, and this is what my customer expect me to do...

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Just my two sents.

Sometimes it's not the users that you need to educate in a sense, what you really need to do is explain to the "Business" and then it will get filtered down to the Directors --> Managers --> Users.

This is how I get my ways around most things that are "buggy" or "Work As Designed" as it were. I get bugged by a lot of users about small petty things to major issues directly and sometimes not necessarily about EV but issues in genreal, but I tend to document clearly what the problems are with explanation and backed up with information such as technotes and etracks etc... send it to the "Business" 9/10 times I get a go head to tell the users to "stick it", like it or not that's how it is...(in a professional way of course :-))

I agree that "we" as support engineers/support partners or support in general will have to provide solutions because that's our job. However, a lot of the times/issues are out of our hands being the application is written/developed by a third parties companies (I love using this :-)), solutions may not be possible or exist at times and more importantly the "Business" needs to understand this. If you manager is an understable person, he/she will support you and help you explain situations such as this to the "Business".

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Hey Sarah.

I completely respect your delimia. In my expirence, the most difficult technical solution pales in comparison to managing a large number of user's exepectations. I agree with LCT that the education comes with proper documentation and getting leadership buy in.

If you find an alternate solution... by all means please share it. I do not see one outside of what has been proposed here or removing the feature from the users machines all together. I would still propose that you raise the concern to SYMC in the form of an enhancment. When there is a strong use case and user impact, or a large number of customer's assocaited with a specific enhancment... they can get looked into more promptly. The issue you are expirencing is an issue with the product design and as Amit proposed, is something that the product currently is not capible of.

I hope you are able to find a solution and also hope if you do, you share it. Likewise, if there is no solution outside of the workarounds proposed in this thread I hope it goes well for you.