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Flexible "Duplicate Jobs On Storage Device X To Tape" Backup Option For BackupExec 2012

Created: 02 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

Currently I have BackupExec 2012 backing up 5 servers to a NAS storage device on our network.  (NOT using de-dupe.)  Full backups are run weekly, and incrementals for 2 key servers are run daily.

Is there anyway to setup one job with instructions like: "Scoop up most recent FULL backups from each server from NAS.  Add each subsequent incremental.  Copy all to tape."

I understand that I can setup "duplicate to tape" stages for each individual backup, but this causes problems on a number of levels.  A basic one is that I'm essentially configuring the same thing 5 different times.  (Each server's config has specific info about how the full backup is made, but once that full backup (to NAS) is complete, the instructions about when to copy that full backup to secondary storage are not server-specific in my case.)  

Thanks for any pointers you can give me.  I'm using:  v14.0 Rev 1798 (64 bit)

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...if this doesn't exist, I'd suggest you head on over to the Ideas section ( and add it in there, especially if creating a DIFF/INCR job doesn't accomplish this...


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You can set up a duplicate job and duplicate multiple backup sets in that job.  See my blog below

You would have to set up the duplicate job each time you want to duplicate and you would have to manually select the backup sets that you want to duplcate.