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Folder in Hand Server Icon What Does it Mean

Created: 16 Oct 2013 | 5 comments


Yesterday one of our esx2 server went offline and everything migrated to the other esx1 server, we are running esx 5.5. During that time some of the servers were rebooted in the process. This morning when I went to check on the back ups, 2 of our servers were saying they never been backed up, all the jobs are missing, all the backup sets are missing, and the job logs are missing. Also the server icon that normally looks like a server with a blue windows logo on it is now a hand with a folder, and when I hover over it with the mouse it just says unknown. I restarted the services for backup exec, and the 2 servers reappared in the list, with all the back up jobs, sets and everything else intact, the jobs ran fast overnight as well.

But the 2 servers with the folder icon are still in the list. Is it ok just to delete them, and what does the folder in hand server icon mean?

server icon.jpg

One server runs our exchange that runds on server 2008R2 64bit, and the other server runs our kaspersky manager that runs on server 2012 standard. My backup exec server runs on server 2008R2 64bit, backup exec was upgraded to SP2 two weeks ago, and all remote agents were upgraded as well.

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Jaydeep S's picture

ESX 5.5 is not yet supported using BE 2012 even with SP2. Also, Is Backup Exec a Virtual machine as I am not sure how the restarting of ESX and the failover should affect Backup Exec.

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...there was an idea posted last year about a glossary for BE 2012, but it looks like nothing has been done about it.

HOWEVER...the BE 2010 icon glossary shows the hand as a Shared-something.


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Yes the backup exec server is a virtual machine, also other virtual machines that were running on our esx servers were running fine this morning. I know esx 5.5 is not supported but the infrastructure was just upgraded. I was so happy to see that esx 5.1 was finally supported but sad when I found out we upgraded to esx 5.5, oh well I will have to wait who knows how long for Symantec to support 5.5. Thank you CraigV for that link, but for some reason I am not shocked that Symantec has done nothing about it.

Jaydeep S's picture

I have forwarded the link to the concenred team and would have an update as soon as I get the information.

Backup Exec running as a Virtual Machine on a ESX box is not a support configuration as well.

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All my ESX boxes were 5.1 before the we upgraded to 5.5, and all my servers were backing up just fine. All I want to know if what does this icon mean, why are they showing up in the list, and is it ok to delete them.