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Folder name Issue

Created: 07 Jun 2011 • Updated: 25 Feb 2014 | 8 comments
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I having an issue with backuping the files from oue linux boxs,

We have Backup exec 2010 R2 and we have install the agent for linux on 2 of our Linux boxs, today I findout that when backup exact makeing a backup of data from the linux, the name of the some of the folders changes, and backup exact create diffirent folders with the same name e.g. in the linux there is a folder called /home/production/filebrowse when I go to the same location on the tape I see this:




I did create an screenhot and upload it for you.

the strang thing is the backup job completed without any error.

Any idea why is this hepening?\

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any one has any idea why this heppening?

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I have the same problem... with ubuntu server 10.04.2 LTS and the general answer is... This sistem is not suported... and nothing else... disappointing.

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Thanks for your replay,

I have 2 ubuntus in our network and I have no problem with one of them only the secound one has this issue,the strange thing is that we did install the Agent on both servers without any problem and when run the backup job it runns without any error, I found this issue only by chance, and I thought I am not going just trust the logs and going trough the backup files on the tape myself and there I came accross this issue.

I am really disapointed here, I mean if the OS is not supported then why the logs of backup job says everything is ok?  this is not cool man. we already bought the Agents so what we are going to do with this worthless agents?


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Check the SCL for BE 2010 R2 and make sure your version is on the SCL supported list. if not there, check the SCL for BE 2010 R3 for the same.

Chances are though, that if your version isn't on the SCL, it won't work. You might get it to work, but Symantec will see it as an unsupported configuration.

In that case, move on to the Ideas section and post a request for support for your version!


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Hi Cragie,

As always thanks for your replay,

I did check the SCL of BE 2010 R2 and I can see that it support ubuntu. did you ever see this issue before with linux enviorment? or I am the first one with tihs issue?


Sorry I forget to say our ubuntu version is 10.7 TLS, does this means is not supported by BE?

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Yes. Your version of Ubuntu is not supported.

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Thanks for the repaly,

As I siad before we have 2 ubuntus and one of them working without any issue, so why BE has issue just with one of them?

Than ks

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When an OS is unsupported, it means that it has not been fully tested to work with BE and there is no guarantee that it will work.  If it works, you are lucky. If it does not, you are on your own.  You cannot open a support case with Symantec with an unsupported configuration and there is no guarantee that your backups are usable.