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Force Backup Exec to rotate appending tapes

Created: 28 Nov 2012 | 2 comments
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Hi there,

we have a tape library every friday we are creating a fullbackup using backup exec 2012.

On monday to thursday we want to make a differential backup using 4 rotating tapes.

If we choose to overwrite the media all things are fine. Every day backup exec chooses another tape.

But we want to append the data to the existing tape.

If we choose "apend to tape" Backup Exec chooses the same tape every day until the tape is full.

How can we force the program to rotate the tapes ?

We also tried to solve this problem using four different partitions (monday to thursday). But in that case if the tape is full, backup exec is waiting for a new tape instead of erasing them.

Is this backup strategy impossible ? Appending data to tapes has 2 advantages:
1.) If we append the data instead of overwriting them, the used tape area is not every time the same.
2.) In the case of a restore we can jump more time backwards into the past because the data is not overwritten every week

Thank You,


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What are you trying to accomplish is not possible.

I think if you combine partitioning, and (for example) monthly changing the diff. tapes will be sufficient for your situation.

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If you create Monday to Thursday Parttions where each partition can hold more than one tape. and then create Monday to Thursday jobs that use each parition in turn, then you can append to tapes but still force a rotation and still have the ability to tape span if the first tape fills up.

You wil need enough slots in your library for the required partition setups

You will need to get your media set controls correct and will also need to be aware that when tapes fill up and span the second tape is overwritten, a span never appends