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Force immediate Inventory for computer

Created: 26 Oct 2012 • Updated: 13 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Is there a way to force an inventory to run against a selected computer immediately?  I'm working with a filter that looks for the existance of a certain version of a software product, it it exists then the computers do not need to run the update, if not then I need it to run.  However I have run the update manually on a PC, but the inventory hasn't run to see that the version is updated and so it still shows in my filter. 

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Create a Task using the Inventory Task type and you can then Quick Apply it to a PC. it should start to run within 5 minutes.

However, to achieve what you want you should create a Software Resource for the Update with an Applicability Rule to say only runs on software release n.n and a detection rule to see when it is already applied. Exclude the updated computers filter from the Target of that policy but don't worry about updating the filter that often because the detection rule will stop repeat installs.


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I had this same issue.   Here's what I did.

Create a new filter, For filters included in this filter put in "All Windows Computers with Inventory Solution Installed" and then under filters excluded in this filter put "Computers with Inventory Data"

This should give you all the windows computers with the plug installed and don't have inventory data.

Now go under tasks and create a new inventory task, and apply it to run daily(or hourly if you like) on the filter you created above.

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I had a similar issue and was guided by the following

Create a New Task and use the "Gather Inventory" task type. You can then run that when you like on what PCs you like.