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Forefront TMG no da acceso a Symantec Endpoint Manager, para Live Update.

Created: 14 Sep 2012 • Updated: 16 Sep 2012 | 4 comments

Saludos, hace poco instale forefront como firewall en mi red, el problema es que ahora no puedo darle acceso al Symantec Endpoint Manager y no deja descargar el repositorio para las actualizaciones.

De casualidad alguien sabe a que IP o puerto debo dar acceso para que pueda descargar...?

O alguna otra sugerencia...?

Actualmente tengo configuradas algunas reglas para controlar el acceso a internet, pero quisiera crear una regla asi como la de Windows Server Update, que permite desde el servidor WSUS a los "Sitios de Microsoft Update" para descargar el repositorio.

Lo que necesito saber son las paginas para crear la categoría, escucho cualquier otra sugerencia.

Sorry, I don't speak English very well , for this I going to use a translete for write this:

Greetings, I recently installed Forefront as a firewall in my network, the problem is that now I can not give access to the Symantec Endpoint Manager and does not leave out the repository for updates.
By chance someone knows what IP or should I give access port so you can download ...?
Or any other suggestions ...?
Currently I have set some rules to control access to the internet, but I would like to create a rule as well as the Windows Server Update, which allows from the WSUS server to the "Sites Microsoft Update" to download the repository.
What I need to know are the pages to create the category, hear any other suggestions.
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Jose Labrador's picture

Trank's for your answer.

I make this rules in Forefront TMG, bue the Manager don't update.

When I start the "Download LiveUpdate Content" said this:

"Return code = 87"

And finish the LUALL.EX.

pete_4u2002's picture

allow these urls' and lets monitor.if you still receive the error, pass on the log.liveupdate logs.

Jose Labrador's picture

The problem was in the IE, the "Seguirdad mejorada de Internet Explorer (IE SEC), it was active.

But, I have other problem whit LiveUpdate, this start and connect to the domains of liveupdate, but in the log say this:

"Event - Server selection failed event - LiveUpdate failed to connect to server liveupdate, at path via HTTP connection. The server connection attempr failed with return code of 1814, Liveupdate could not retrieve the catalog file of avalible Symantec product and component update."

Any idea for this case...?

I have te log complete and I can load if ou need.

Sorry, for my bad English.