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This forum sucks

Created: 22 May 2005 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 9 comments

Just wanna tell you that this forum sucks.
there is no support whatsover on this stinking forum.

I see alot of questions, but no answers.

Dunno what the purpose is of this forum, if the engineers of Veritas don't read or reply on any thread over here.

Thought that Veritas was a good company, and had very good support, NOT !!!!

sorry ... but thats my point of view

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Richard Hutchings's picture

I completely agree, after spending alot of time hunting around this forum for various answers (becuase my Veritas support calls are just not being answered) I have also come to the conclusion that this forum is useless.

I too can only find questions, has anyone ever actually fixed a problem with this product?

Phillip Myint 2's picture

we know that this product has some major bugs most of those "weird" issues have been resolved by the new HF12.. i have had a real headache hunting around these forums and newsgroups .. for suitable answers to my one off issues -

hopefully a 5.4 upgrade will address them .. hahahahaha

Santiago Grandes Rubio's picture

Anyone have a guru Level .... ? ;-))))))))

James Ingram's picture

I have also come to the conclusion that this product is CRAP. I have no problem admitting this publicly and by the looks of things the number of Veritas/Symantec staff that monitor this forum is so low it will be sometime before I get a reply to this post arguing otherwise.

IMO StorageExec is a poor product. There is little to suggest that good solid R&D was spent in investigating and designing an intuitive and logical user interface not to mention a product that doesnt crash a server. I have it installed at my client. There are still bugs in it, even with HF12 applied. I was re-applying a policy to my users folder/share and I get an error "File not found" then the server locks up. No doubt several hundred users were rather annoyed at this stage as I had to cold boot the server.

I have seen shareware products that are 1000% cheaper than StorageExec and ten times more stable. Veritas/Symantec really need to get their act together before this product, let along their company name, gets an even worse reputation than its already getting.

It's pretty hard to sell and support a product to clients when it has so many bugs that are outside of our control.

My 2 cents worth...

Octavio Formoso 2's picture

The product has a lot of interesting features, but a lots of bugs too. The big problems is not the bugs, is the documentation and support.
The forum try to help users sharing experience, i think we need patience and deal with the product sharing our opinions and experiences.

Paul Costigan's picture

Got to agree, I first looked at this forum about 6 months ago and was shocked to see This forum sucks as a thread, ha, I'm now not surprised to see it still here! Nobody from Veritas bothers about this forum, this is plain to see. Storage Exec is in my lab environment, I'm going to put it on the live purely for the reporting, everything else is going to be turned off, what a waste of money this product is.

As for tech support, even after escalating a fault with the day manager, I finally had to resort to asking my reseller to bully them into answering a recent 'critical' call - it took them a week to get back to me even though the fault was affecting 90% of my users.

Come on Veritas, surprise us and reply to a few of the threads here........

Sandy Sandifer's picture

Thank you for your post. We welcome all feedback: good and bad. To answer your question about the moderation of the forum, I would direct you to the Participation Terms link located in the upper right corner of the page.

To highlight, some of the forums are moderated, and some are not. This particular one does not happen to be moderated and was created for users as a peer-to-peer help resource. Here is an excerpt from the Participation Terms:

"Discussion Forums Terms and Conditions

Peer-to-Peer Discussion Forum

These additional Terms of Use apply to use and participation in the above sites. These discussion forums are intended to facilitate peer-to-peer discussions. Other than as specifically identified, Symantec does not specifically monitor, ensure or confirm accuracy of, or provide input or support for these discussion forums. Rather, Symantec sponsors these discussion forums as a platform or venue for Symantec customers and other third parties to participate in the exchange of ideas and product expertise. All such information is provided on a voluntary basis."

Hopefully, this clarifies the issues being addressed in this post. We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration that might have occurred due to the lack of response.

Thank you.

Randy Bentley's picture

Yes the Forum could suck if Users of the product don't respond to other Users issues. Veritas Support ??? non-existent. Had a major issue with installing on a W2K server client, they had a long drawn out registry hack they wanted me to do, found the solution ourselves through DCOM permissions. (anyone who has this problem let me know seeing they still haven't published the fix I provided).
Currently have another major security issue that they have stated they can't reproduce.

We have to look at this forum as a means to work around the flaws in this product. I am sure there are many but hope that in this community someone has gone through the pain and anguish of figuring them out.

RandyB wondering what I am getting from 3 year support agreement.

OptimusPrime's picture

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