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Forward incidents from one ServiceDesk v7.5 to another

Created: 13 Aug 2013 | 4 comments


I have multiple Helpdesk 6.0 servers set up globally.  Most incidents on any one server are for local support purposes, but occasionally we need to forward tickets from one server to another in a different part of the world and keep them synchronized.  We do this by running code on the destination HD using its URL and some xml code.  Works quite well.

We are currently gathering requiremenets for a project to upgrade to ServiceDesk 7.5 and are wondering if there is a similar mechanism to forward tickets from one SD 7.5 server to another?

I did not find any data in the documentation.



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There is no functionality in ServiceDesk 7.5 to allow for the transferring of incidents betwen servers.

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Thanks TGiles,

I am assuming that by 'no functionality' you mean that there is no built in rules or actions.  So how about using Workflow?  Or some other mechanism such as running a VBscript or PowerShell?  Can one create a ticket by URL perhaps?



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Yes we don't have any current existing rules or actions to perform this operation. As far as using a custom workflow project or other means that is feasible.

ServiceDesk provides a couple of different web services to allow for programmatic creation of an incident. The feeder forms actually just call the available web services to actually create the incident. The web services are found @ http://servername/SD.IncidentManagementSimple/Inci....

Now you can't specifiy a specific Process ID, such as IM-000050, when you create the incident. So you will need to make sure that you properly reference the existing tickets ID in the new ticket. Also depending on the web service you choose to use it will return the process id of the newly created ticket, so that it can be added back as a reference to the other ticket.

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Thanks once again for your response.

I have searched high and low for detailed documentation on using the web services but have not had any luck.  I will admit that I am not an expert in this regard so I would hope to see step-by-step documentation.  Without this I have not been able to create a single Incident on the SD via the web service ... even by performing all of the steps manually.  I did find the following entries in the Forums but these did not help:

I was really hoping that functionality which existed out of the box in the old product would be ported to the new product, and if not ported then some form of clear documentation provided.

For example, if I create a Process Type Action and add as the Action URL the address you provided above to launch the SD.IncidentManagementSimple/IncidentManagement.asmx web service, how do I then prodive the service with the correct title, category, etc for the ticket.