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Fresh CA 9 install - EV binaries install fails with error report

Created: 23 Nov 2010 • Updated: 23 Nov 2010 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I'm trying to install Compliance Accelerator 9.0 on a server to replace our existing CA server (newer/betterer hardware).  I've looked through the prerequisites and have started the Enterprise Vault 9.0 install to get the binaries on the new server.  Since this is only going to be a CA server, there is no reason I need to install MSMQ or make the suggested registry changes for MSMQ permissions/memory.

*BUT* It currently looks like if I don't install MSMQ I will not be able to install the EV binaries to get CA installed.  When I run EV setup, it checks for the prerequisites, throws up an error report to tell me I don't have MSMQ installed but won't let me continue.  I applaud that setup now checks and won't let me move forward unless things are squared away but there should be a switch or checkbox to tell setup I'm installing it as the base for CA or DA.

I do not want to install components on the server that I don't need for the software to run.  I would be happy to know I am simply missing something but it doesn't seem that way.

Any input would be appreciated, as always!

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Install the EV API Runtime instead.

It will be in the install media in the API Runtime folder.

It works great and you don't need to worry with pre-req'a like MSMQ.  :)

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+1 for Tony, in all the CA and DA installs I now do I always use the API for the exact reason of not having to go thru EV's pre-reqs

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Thanks for the blazing-fast response!  Out of curiosity, is that in the documentation somewhere?  I do find it a bit frustrating trying to find information like this outside the forums.

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It is in the install guide in the pre-req section for CA and DA

If Discovery Accelerator is installed on a separate
computer from Enterprise Vault, you must install the
Enterprise Vault software on the Discovery Accelerator
computer. You require one of the following:
■ Enterprise Vault 8.0 (or later) Services
■ Enterprise Vault 8.0 (or later) API Runtime

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I just needed that to point out my stupidity (like I was saying earlier!)...  I read over that part of the doc too quickly and just assumed I run the EV setup file - didn't look for an API Runtime install.

Thanks again.