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FSA 9 archived MS Offline Files cannot be opened

Created: 20 Dec 2011 • Updated: 01 Jan 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi all ..

We cannot open archived and synchronized MS Office files offline ..

FS: W2008 R2
EV 9.0.2
Clients: W7

No problem to open FSA files in online filesystem!

Synchronized files shows up with PlaceHolders(marked with X) when lapTop is offline and archiveved files cannot be open!

Message: Cannot open "h:\share\file.doc"

Grateful for any sugg ...



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If its offline and it needs access to the server to get the placeholders back from the EV server, isn't that expected behavior?

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I'm not quite sure but for me the archived files synced to a PC from a shared folder:

- Re-opened and re-read when they are synchronized

- Supported by NTFS

According to Symantec supports EV 9 MS Offline Files for:

W2k8, W7

am I wrong?

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to be honest i'm not the strongest with FSA, but if they are coming in as placeholders and the PC is syncing the placeholders and not the file, then it will not open when the user is offline, because when you double click the shortcut it gets intercepted by the Filter Driver, which will then take the URL embedded in the hidden stream and then FSA will replace the shortcut with the actual file instead of the shortcut.

If the shortcut is on a users machine, there is no filter driver to interpret that message and what to do with it.

Paul Grimshaw pretty much summed up the process here:

If for whatever reason (such as backup modes and what not) that the item cannot be recalled and it just copies the shortcuts, then it will not work

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Ok ..

 .. it should work if one is to believe what Paul writes, and I do

"the first time the synchronisation occurs the placeholder will be recalled to the primary storage and then synced to the workstation. (The file will return to a placeholder the next time the archiving service runs). "

The problem remains that the file is not re-read and then sync as a file and no placeholder.

I have a question for those who are responsible for file systems and policies, if they actually syncs files and not copy files ..

Thanks for your answers