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FSA and DFS file strcuture

Created: 09 Nov 2012 | 5 comments

I have recently deployed FSA in our environment. Our aim is to archive all the drives from our File servers. Windows File servers are all points to DFS path. So that users from Windows Explorer sees an N drive and then a few sub-folders such as:






But these folders are all in different drives and even different file servers. I know FSA support DFS path for placeholders and I have seeing a number of Symantec articles regarding DFS naming.

My problem here is that I need to make sure the above folder structure will be displayed in Archive Explorer otherwise users will be having problems or getting confused looking at their N drive from Archive Explorer.

What would be the best way to work around this so that in AE users can see N:\ and then the department folder. At which point I should create Archive Point. Is it right thinking the name of the Archive Point will be displayed in Archive Explorer.

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why do the users need Archive Explorer? if you archive the files and leave placeholders, the users access their files like they normally do. nothing new to learn or get used to.

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Just be sure FSA is supported in your DFS environment as the DFS replication can recall or break the Placeholder

I have had to use Internet Shortcuts in these cases at customers. The link below discusses this

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thank you chaps for responding. I had a look at the above url but it sounds like FSA does NOT support DFS. The it says:

Archive Explorer and Browser Search will display the full server path and not the DFS "virtual" path.

means it does not support DFS otherwise FSA should have option to point to the DFS name path as well as file server location.

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One good reason for using AE is to restore items in bulk. I know you can use EV utilities bit having AE is much quicker for users to decide what to restore. I just had a call from our packaging team and they discovered that an application deployment failed due to files archived. somehow the application fails half way and when we looked at it it fails at one of the archived file if we manually restore the file then the deployment moves on. So I need to restore the entire folder for them in order to deploy the package.

I am not sure why it's failing we have tested this on other archived application and it was working.

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From what I have seen and read with FSA, archiving and DFS do not mix at all well - as you mentioned the physical server name is represented in AE and PlaceHolders do not work as DFS won't replicate them. The Compatability Charts also have lots of caviats arround DFS/DFSR which all boil down to it not being very functional/practical from what I can see. As opposed to a cartblanche archive of existing folders which seems to be causing you massive headaches have you looked into creation of retention folders instead allowing users/teams to move items into archive folders when they wish, placing the management and ownership of thier data back into thier own hands (as they're the ones that know if they need the data live or archived)?