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FSA and Retention Category

Created: 23 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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I have a EV 10.0.1 and recentley intrdocued FSA with placeholder and modified date policy in place and I have noticed that when I open files from Archive Explorer and modfied the file and save it. the modified date does not change from either the Archive Explorer and from the users client machine. I expect to see EV to recall the file where by removing the placeholder and also save the changes. But this is not the case. is this by design. Is that mean Archive Exploer is ready only access. I know on the Exchange mailbox archivng this is the case where using AE is only for accessing emails not for changing but some how I expected this would not be the case for FSA.

Retention category is the process to control the deletion of archived data. Am I right to beleive that when you make a change of retention category options the new seetings only apply from the date of the change only to the new archived data not to the data that already archived before the change.

Many thanks

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When you make a change to an existing Retention Category, it will affect each item that is archived under that item, not just items going forward

so if you have 1000 items archived, regardless of Exchange, Domino, Sharepoint, FSA etc, they all link to a retention category, say "Business Retention", if you change it from 6 years to 3 years, all items that link to that retention category will now expire in 3 years

As for the Recall from Archive Explorer, all you are doing is downloading the item, but it does not place the item back on the file server or modify the shortcut or replace it etc, the shortcut on the file server will remain

The only things that will do recalls will either be people opening items or through FSAUtility, but AE is just viewing the archived items and not a recall

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Hi Alex,

with regards of opening archived file from AE the fact that it lets you open and then edit changes and even save it but then it does not actually save the changes and does not change the modified date is a bit misleading from users point of view. If I am going to give users options to either use Windows Explorer to access file using placeholders and AE to view archived files. There will be time users might decide to launch files from AE and carry on making changes and save it but EV does not do anything.

I suppose when stub file/placeholder are deleted then users had to first restore the file from AE then make changes from the file server.

thank you

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Well it's not that AE let's you save it, because if you look at the path you're saving to, it's the temporary Internet files location, it's the same behavior as if you edited a doc attached to an outlook mail