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FSA Archive & Restore

Created: 05 Jun 2014 | 4 comments
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Hi All

Hope you are all well

Please could you advise on a way forward or solution, my issue is as follows, we have done a restore of a folder that contains 13000 items and out of the 13000 items only 8000 were restored, after some investigation we found out that the users have being creating new folders and moving archive stubs around 

is there a way that one can do a folder sync to update enterprise vault on the stubs new location for FSA file archiving so when we do a restore it will restore the items to its new location and not restore the item in the original location where it was archived

thank you

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Fsautility -b is a placeholder restore, so it restore the file wherever the placeholder has been moved to.

did you run fsautility -t before? 

Fsautility options:

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Hi Merv

Would this apply to shortcut as well as they have archived using shortcut and not placeholders?

Correct we did run the following fsautitity -t before but will try -b to see if it would help

thank you for the feedback

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FSA does not have an update move items process as Exchange does when shortcuts are moved.  

As it was stated you could run fsautility -b to recall the items that exist in a path. The -recurse option would recall all items in sub-folders as well.  Once the items are recall they will be re-archived in the new path and a pointer to that path will be put in the DB.  If you are sharing then the full item should not be archived again, but a pointer for the new item will point to the originally archived item.  

FSAUtility -b -s \\myserver\users\user1 -recurse

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Fsautility -b only works on placeholders

you may want to get in touch with Symantec partners who do custom solutions or may have a tool similar to fsautility - b but works for internet url shortcuts

dwpending on how many files are involved  you can manually recall an internet shortcut by double clicking on it. The only minor issue is that with placeholders a double click automatically restores the file back to the original location. So some A/V scanners have the uncanny ability to do just that. Copytonull and power she'll does the same but again only with placeholders.

when you double click a URL link to a file it ask you to open or save - opening saves it to temp internet files and save gives you the option to save it disk and you can select the original location.

so the question is how to automate that?