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FSA Archiving - Which File Attributes are Archived and Indexed

Created: 08 Oct 2013 • Updated: 08 Oct 2013 | 4 comments
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I am running EV 9.0.3 and have indexing set to full. I'm trying to determine if a file's author (e.g. word document shows author is jdoe) is indexed and if it is indexed, is it searchable with DA?

Thank you.

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You should be able to search the archived file as author.

EV archive & index most of files except content of items such as binary files (for example, .avi, .gif, and .jpg files) because they cannot be converted to HTML or TEXT. Also the contents of files larger than 50Mb are not indexed, but the attributes (metadata) of binary and large files are indexed & archive, so users/admin can search with browser/DA.

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This technote provides more details regarding each level indexing:

Brief: Only the attributes of an item (e.g. Author, Subject, Created Date, etc) are indexed. In the case of a mail message with attachments, the attributes of both the main message and its attachments are indexed.

Medium: As for brief and the content of the item is also indexed. However, it is not possible to do phrase searches on the content of the item (i.e. searches on a group of adjacent words in a particular order).

Full: As for Medium, except that phrase searches are possible on the content of the item.

If you have your indexing level set to Full, that includes brief and medium. Thus, you should be able to search in DA for author field. For newest versions of EV, Medium level is not longer available.

I hope this helps.

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In DA I tried the following to no avail:

Custom attributes section:

Attribute: <Author> Type: <String> Operator:<Any> Value: <jdoe>

Is author the proper attribute name for FSA items? 

Thank you for your time.

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I think the OPs question is less about the content of the file and more about the metadata of a file. Per historic posting the Author option in the search is for emails only

The FSA specifc properties are listed here

I do not see author. I know the guy who was marked as the solution to the other posting and if it was not that I trusted his  feedback then I would say that is crazy and be working to fix my lab to disprove it.

As it is though I would say that the metadata such as "author" on files is not an indexed attribute. I will let you know if I find differntly.