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FSA - best practise to bulk recall archived files

Created: 22 Feb 2013 • Updated: 05 Apr 2013 | 3 comments
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Environment is EV 9.0.2

Have a requirement to bulk recall/restore large amount of FSA data quickly.

I believe there are 3 ways:

1. Windows Explorer

2. EV Archive Explorer

3. FSAUtility

I want the ability to restore a whole folder structure either back to the original location, or to a new location.

With Archive Explorer, I can select multiple files in a folder, but can't select multiple folders or a folder tree

Can I do this via Windows Explorer?

If not, is the only option FSAUility?

As per Caution:  You must log on to the Enterprise Vault server locally. You cannot run FSAUtility if you log on remotely.

If my only option is FSAUtility, I would like the ability to launch it remotely via psexec.exe in a script (so the restoring user does not have to log onto the EV server directly) - will this work?


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Rob.Wilcox's picture

Windows Explorer, and Archive Explorer are typically user-driven operations.  If you go that route you'll need to make sure that the registry keys for recalls are appropriately high:

FSAUtility is good if YOU are doing it, and you have a mega list to work from.  Then you can script it all.  I've never tried executing it via PSEXEC.   How would you build up the command that you'll issue?
goatboy's picture

Thanks. I haven't worked out how the command will be built up, likely a web form or something the end user can enter info into, then psexec will do its work. The end user will drive these requests, so I would prefer them to use Windows Explorer and/or Archive Explorer to do the large restores, if it's possible to quickly select and restore whole directory trees.