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FSA customer removed a File server and replaced it with 2 new servers.

Created: 08 Jan 2013 • Updated: 04 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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Got a call from a worried customer. the customer removed their fileserver that was configured for FSA (EV 9), he forgot about archiving. Moved the files and FSA shortcuts to 2 new fileservers (the customer devided the data). And now calls is pouring in to helpdesk regarding users unable to access their files from the shortcuts.

I´m in the dark here, I dont really know how to solve this. So any pointers would be nice....

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I have done a migration once where the fileserver was replaced by a new one (new OS and other name). This technote helped me:

For each FolderPath you will have to modify the servername to the new server.

After that I ran the FSAUtility command to recreate all placeholders.

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Thanks for the info. After a dialog wth the db admin, we opend a case with symantec.

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Perfect, please post the outcome of the case with Symantec here.
I am pretty disapointed that there is so litte information about migration of EV FSA to a new server.

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Hello Magnus,

I did a test and with following method you can restore the data either to new FSA target or Same target using FSAUtility. I presume customer was using NTFS file server.

  1. Created a new VM with Same OS and ServicePack
  2. Give same name and IP as earlier FSA Target Name
  3. Create registry key for fileserverID and SiteId in new FSA server by checking your SQL server.
  4. From EV, right click the FSA target and install FSA Agent
  5. Create same share as they were in FSA server.

Let me know if you use this method how it goes for you.



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I opened a case with Symantec and had to recall the archived documents with this script. Andt re archive the data. Thanks all for help!

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