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FSA EV9.0-SP2 using "Archive and Copy" setting

Created: 08 Sep 2011 • Updated: 10 Nov 2011 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I've seen this issue multiple times and wonder if anyone else has experienced it as well. We are using "Checkpoint" on a file share that is being archived by FSA. We have experienced an outage while the archive task was running, and restarted the task after the servers were up again.

The share contains about 390 GB, and the archive contains 285 GB. I have ran the "Archive Task" again but EV seems to think that all items under this share has been archived already.

I've checked the attribute on all files in the 390 GB share and they all have been it seems like the "Archive and Copy" process applied. Other shares on this server were archived successfully so I can't say that another process modified the archive bit which may have caused the issue.

 Therefore, how does the archive process work when using "Archive and Copy"? Does it grab a group of files, selects them for archiving, resets the bit and then archives? If that is how it works than maybe during the outage it was not able to finish archiving the groups of items. Then when servers were up again it considered those items as being archived since the bit had been modified.

Any thoughts or comments?



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When the policy is set to Archive Copy and Reset the task will create a batch job and discover all eligible items for archiving. Then it will go about archiving the item and resetting the archive bit and updating the report one at a time.

For instance the task will get the list of eligible items.

File1.doc, file2.doc, file3.doc

Then archive and reset the archive bit and update the report for file1.doc and so on.

A dtrace of the FSA archiving task will show that it stores the item then resets the archive bit.

{FileSystemItemProcessor.ProcessFileForBatch} Adding file to the batch: \\?\UNC\domino-1.sym.local\Volume1\Folder1\1Original document title.doc  

{FileSystemItemProcessor.StoreItem} Storing file \\?\UNC\domino-1.sym.local\Volume1\Folder1\1Original document title.doc 

{FileSystemItemProcessor.ResetFileArchiveBit} Archive bit of the file: \\?\UNC\domino-1.sym.local\Volume1\Folder1\1Original document title.doc successfully reset 

{FileSystemItemProcessor.PostProcessItem} Writing the Report for :\\?\UNC\domino-1.sym.local\Volume1\Folder1\1Original document title.doc, Archive status: ClearedArchiveBit, Shortcut status: ShortcutNotCreated

In the properties of the task you can set the logging level for reports to full and it will list the actions taken by the task.

It will look like this which should help determine if the item was archived and the bit reset.

9/8/2011 10:45:06 PM \\domino-1.sym.local\Volume1\Folder1\1Original document title.doc 52736 Default FSA Folder Policy Office Files ARCHIVEANDCOPY ClearedArchiveBit CREATESHORTCUTSIMMEDIATELY ShortcutNotCreated

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I'll keep an eye on it further...I've checked the task and it definitely details the process like you've mentioned. Which confirms that it clears the bit per each item archived. Not sure why some of the items are being skipped from our file server since all of the files have the archive bit checked prior to us running the task.

 So I'll monitor if it happens again and keep you posted.



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