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FSA Expired Items -What's the difference between these 2 options?

Created: 12 Nov 2010 • Updated: 13 May 2011 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


What is the difference between these two options below? 

"Auto-Delete expired items" in the Archive point properties (found by right-clicking a volume and choosing "Archive Points" - then choosing edit with an archive point highlighted)


"Delete expired item from the archive automatically" in the Archive properties (Advanced tab) found under Archives--> File System  --> Properties of the archive.

They don't seem to control eachother meaning when you turn it on for an archive point in the top location - it is not turned on in the Archive properties in the second location.  I see items getting purged correctly from an archive that does not have the first option enabled but does have the second one enabled.

Someone please explain.  Are they complimentary to eachother or what?


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Liam Finn's picture

I believe the first one gives you the ability to control at the target level on how expiry is effected

The second controls it at the vault level.

As you know you can have many targets going to one vault

Nick White's picture

Hi, the help for the properties of the Archive shows the following

"Storage Expiry (applies to Mailbox and Journal archives):"

FSA uses the setting from the Archive Point instead of the one on the Archive property pages

kboorgu's picture
This is what I see in the FSA documentation PDF.
When an item's retention period expires, File System Archiving can automatically
delete it. File System Archiving does this according to the schedule that you define
with the Administration Console, on the Storage Expiry tab of the Site Properties
dialog box.
File System Archiving does not delete archived items when either of the following
conditions applies:
■ On the "Storage Expiry" tab of the Site Properties dialog box, the schedule is
set to "Never" or you have checked "Run in report mode".
■ On the "Advanced" tab of the Archive Properties dialog box, "Delete expired
items from this archive automatically" is unchecked.