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FSA Index Monitoring

Created: 20 Aug 2013 • Updated: 21 Aug 2013 | 7 comments
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We have a little bit of an interesting issue that I cannot resolve and I hope someone will show me where there is a hidden tick box that I'm missing.

Our File System Archiving takes off a lot of JPEG files from one server and I understand that these cannot be indexed as shown in the index verification as missing content.

The problem is, is that we also have the monitoring switched on to tell us when 10000 items have not been indexed.  With the latest archiving run at the end of last week we have triggered this limit of 10000. 

Now I appreciate that the simple option is just to extend the monitoring to a higher figure, however I was wondering if there is a fix for this? 

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Hi Chris,

Have a look at this technote  -  reason (7) where we mark the item as missing because that document type has been excluded from conversion, so what you are seeing and experiencing is by design, as you mention above, unfortunately and at this point in time there is no setting to change or ignore this other than what you have suggested above.

You could place an 'Idea' for a change to be made to the code where EV will ignore items, it has been told to not convert for indexing, within the missing items value  -

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Hi Chris,

You can check the below article

and it looks like at the moment the only solution would be simply uncheck or extend the figure in Monitoring..

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If you do not want to index JPEG fils (I can't think a reason of why you want to index them since it's all binary data) you can add the *.JPG and *.JPEG extensions to the ExcludedFileTypesFromConversion regitry key:

How to exclude items from content conversion

How to exclude items from content conversion

If you decide that some types of items are causing problems when they are being converted, you can exclude them from being converted. The item attributes are indexed in the usual way and the item is archived in its native format but not converted to HTML. The user will not be able to preview an item that has not had its content converted to HTML.

To exclude items from conversion, add the item's file extension to the following registry key:

    \Enterprise Vault

The format for the key is as follows:


For example, to exclude *.JPG and *.CAD files from conversion, set the key to the following:


The registry key lists all the file types that are not currently converted.

The technote above applies for EV 10. Here is a technote for EV 9

How to exclude items from content conversion

I hope this helps.

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Hi Gabe,

Correct me if I am wrong, as I am always willing and happy to learn, but even after the regkey is in place we will still mark that item as 'missing' and simply mark the reason down as 'Item Excluded' as it hasnt been indexed (even if it can't be indexed). See the technote I linked further up the post.

We mark many items as 'missing content' but there are various reasons for this 'missing content' and exclusions, including the regkey/function, is one of these reasons.

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Thanks for the advice.  It looks like we'll have to just extend the monitoring figure for now then.  Should I still mark this thread as solved?

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Mark your own answer as solved to be honest as we didnt tell you anything you didnt already know.

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Hope for a change in the monitoring in the future.