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FSA - Moving placeholders between archivepoints on same volume

Created: 20 Dec 2011 • Updated: 28 Dec 2011 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

EV 10 FSA is archiving one of our shares, with archive points on each subfolder.

If a placeholder is moved from one subfolder/archive point to another on the same volume, is the database updated with the new location, or will the file still appear under the old archive point if we search in ArchiveExplorer?

Is there any way we can get them to update, without moving back to the original location and using FSAUtility -pm?

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FreKac2's picture

Moving the placeholder using e.g. Windows Explorer will not update the "backend", so the archived items will still be listed under the "old" archive in Archive Explorer.

To get EV to update the locations you would need to use FSAUtility -m (move option), then EV will update the location and move the placeholder at the same time.

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Would that require us moving the placeholders back to their original location before running FSAUtility -m?

Also, would -pm work? These files would move to another archive on the same Vault Store

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EV maintains a relationship in the database between the archived items and the original location the items were archived from. This also applies to ArchivePoints and FolderPoints.

Keeping track of every single movement within the file system by users would be too expensive in terms of resources required to monitor such manipulations.

As confirmed by FreKac, the only way to enforce this update is by using FSAUtility. This is also the recommended way as it helps maintain consistency in the database.

We encourage you to always use FSAUtility for any such major operations such as the movement of an ArchivePoint as using other alternative methods to try and achieve the same goal often leads to corruption and inconsistencies.

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Thanks for your response Rob, I'm thinking more about normal end users moving folders as part of their day-to-day operation, which IT wouldn't hear about in advance. I agree that FSAUtility -m or -pm is the right solution when we are doing a major change.

I'm quite surprised that the File Server Archiving task can't verify the path of each placeholder and update the database as necessary during each scan.

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If a placeholder is moved to a different folder within the same ArchivePoint, should we also use FSAutility to update the database so that the file appears in the correct place in ArchiveExplorer?

Edit - found the answer to that question. FSA archiving task will update the folder on the next scan.

Seems to me that the best solution for us would be to set the Archive Point at the root of the share, to ensure any file moves are done within a single archive.