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FSA ProxyServer reconfig

Created: 21 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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i have 4 Enterprise Vault Server an 2 different FileServers (2008R2) on EV 10.0.2. The Problem is that the FSA Reporting not start.

The Support say that he can not help because it´s an configuration error. In the SQL Database are no ProxyServers entered.

Ok.. But how can i reconfigre the Proxy Server. Which Server is the Proxy Server ? One of my Enterprise Vault Servers?

Can someone tell me how to add an Proxy Server to Configuration or direcly to Database?


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That makes entirely no sense
did they give you a technote to follow or any documentation showing what they're talking about?

Really the only thing i can think of in regards to a proxy server would be something like the Internet Explorer connections tab and telling it to use a proxy server if the server can't communicate to http://yourEVServer/EnterpriseVault/

Did you pass them any logs or any errors that they used to deduce this that you could share here?

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Hey, no not the INet Proxy.

In the Vault Directory DB at dbo.FSAReportingProxyServers are no entry.

He don´s gibe me an note. Only Info KB