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FSA Questions: move shortcuts, fsa explorer, reclaiming disk space?

Created: 09 May 2013 • Updated: 10 May 2013 | 4 comments
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3 questions, I did some searching and didnt have much luck, hopeing someone just knows a few of these off the top of their head.

  1. Can you move FSA shortcuts from one server (or disk) to another, and the shortcut still works, EV keeps track of it, etc.
  2. Is there something like an 'FSA explorer' that can browse all archived files, similar to the Search Vaults/Archive Explorer?
  3. Are there any tools with FSA for reclaiming disk space?

Basically we are looking to reduce the surface of our SAN LUN's that make up our file servers. If we are able to archive 5 TB of data, id like to get even 3 or 4 TB of our expensive storage back, to use other places. I am looking for ways to do that, wether its move all the data off once archived (thus the shortcut move question) to a smaller disk, or if FSA has any tools for this?

Thank you

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AndrewB's picture

there's a couple things you can do. first of all have a look at FSAutility for moving the placeholders (shortcuts). it's in chapter 18 of the utilities.pdf that comes with the EV software.

2. archive explorer (you migh have to set permissions for exploring archives separately) and dont open it from outlook :-)

3. can you archive more aggressively with EV FSA? or are you talking about your FSA storage for the vault stores that you want to migrate?

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

Nate.D's picture

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the reply!

1. Solid, I will look into this. Thank you

2. Can you elaborate a little - Will archives that you have permission to read just show up in your list, similar to how my mailbox shows up when I browse it from outlook?

3. Not a question of how much, or what we archive. Say I have a file server, with 4 TB worth of data on 5TB of LUNs carved from our SAN. With our archiving strategy, we determine that 3 TB of that data will be archived and replaced with shortcuts. Now we have 1 TB worth of data on 5 TB of LUNs. I would rather that be 1 TB of data on 2 TB worth of LUNs, and reclaim that 3 TB of SAN space to allocate elsewhere. (Considering that 1TB on our SAN costs considerably more than 1TB on our tier2 'cheap' storage)

Does that make sense?

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AndrewB's picture

my bad. i'm a bit notorious for my short answers.

2. yes they will but sometimes it depends if you're targeting a share or a drive. there's a special reg key called SynchronizeFSASharePermissions that can help in that situation.

3. it makes sense but wouldn't that be up to the storage device? from what i know, it's not to simple to shrink LUNs if at all possible.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

Nate.D's picture

2. Thank you!

3. I agree, seems up to the storage for that specific disk. I was just curious if there were any mechanisms in FSA to help facilitate file server moves, large data moves or anything like that. I might be able to do this with option 1, by presenting a new LUN, copying all the data to it, and swapping out the drive letter.

Thanks AndrewB

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