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FSA Reporting: help me make some sense of this?

Created: 20 Mar 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 2 comments
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I am trying to understand FSA reporting, it is an important peice of our FSA implementation, to get a veiw of the 'landscape' of our file servers. I am having trouble understanding a few topics, I have read through the 'Reporting' and 'Setting_up_file_system_archiving' admin documents, but still a little short.

FSA reporting data collection - I dont quite 'get' how this works, I can define an interval to begin data collection, and a start date/start time, but I dont appear to be able to stop it. Does it just run until completion? I started collection on the file server we are using for testing, and it has been running for ~24 hours now. It seems to take a large chunk of CPU time on the file server. 

Additionally - how can I review the reports? I browse the EV reporting page I have, and I can only see the Archive Quota Usage reports

Any other tips or guides you could link me about this initial setup/config would be great. We dont want to setup any actions yet, just get the data on all our file servers so we can make decisions on Tier2 storage and scheduling in between EV: exchange processes, backups, etc.

Thank you!

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For the reporting, i'm pretty sure its a you let it go until it finishes or you restart the services
As for the reports, you have to install the Enterprise Vault Reports for SQL Reporting Services
It will be under Data Analysis as opposed to Operation Reports

The reports won't display any data until the FSA Reporting Collections have completed though

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Thanks JesusWept3,  I do have the SQL reporting services setup and installed on our SQL server, they were setup for initial EV reports. I just added the FSA portions. I am able to see some reports, I will let the reporting task run to completion and see how it goes.

I am still unclear on what information is collected during a reporting scan, what information is collected during an archive run, and how the 2 are different.

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