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FSA - Restore via Netbackup causing duplicate archive points on new Server/Storage

Created: 15 Jan 2014 • Updated: 16 Jan 2014 | 3 comments
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As stated in the title - we are moving our file servers to new machines, with new attached storage. When we restore the data to the new storage using Netbackup, we can restore, but due to the duplicate archive issue, we can no longer archive. We're using NBU Does anyone know if the tasks outlined below should result in a successful migration?

Unload the EV mini filter driver on tmp_wxxxxx01 and tmp_wdxxxxx03 (“Fltmc unload EvFilter”)

(this needs to be unloaded for the restores to succeed)

Stop Enterprise Vault services on tmp_wxxxxxs01 and tmp_wdxxxxx03

Restore latest full backup to relevant volume:

\\wdxxxxx01\d$ restored to \\tmp_wdxxxxx01\d$

\\wdxxxxxs03\f$ restored to \\tmp_wxxxxx03\f$

Backup shares for each resource from the registry (as a backup in case NetBackup doesn’t restore shares)

Take each resource group offline and then bring online all resources apart from the shares (this should cut off user access but allow NetBackup to make a backup)

Make a cumulative incremental backup of each resource in NetBackup. Wait for backup to complete:

Wdxxxxxx01 eta 4 hours

Wdxxxxxx03 eta 12 hours

Restore the cumulative incremental to the new server:

\\wdxxxxxxs01\d$ restored to \\tmp_wdxxxxxx01\d$

\\wdxxxxxx03\f$ restored to \\tmp_wxxxxxx03\f$

Wait for restore to complete

Take cluster resources offline

Re-name the new servers to the old servers name i.e:

Tmp_wxxxxxx01 -> wdxxxxxx01

Tmp_wdxxxxxx03 -> wdxxxxxx03

Change the new servers Production and Backup IP addresses to the old server IP addresses.


Reboot new servers

We can of course correct the issue using FSA Utility to recreate the archive points, but due to there being so many, would rather not. Also, I'm unsure where in the process duplication of anything would be occuring. 

Any advice much appreciated. 

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I've had it confirmed that NBU should be able to deal with ADS, like BackupExec - are the Archive Points possibly being duplicated because of the server name and IP change after the restore process, resulting in NBU not believing it is doing a DR?

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The duplicate archivepoint is documented here
If you face that event id. The FSA archive task checks for duplicate archivepoints based on foldercreated date which is one of attributes saved in the EVArchivepoint.xml and compared against the actual folder creation date for a mismatch. This prevents EV from creating duplicate archives in the DB and vault store which would cause a bigger problem.

The issue i have and question for you is change of fileserver name. EV stores the full UNC folder path of all archived folders whicH includes the servername \\servername\share\folder

This is updated if you use FSAutility. Refer to the whitepaper of FSA fileserver consolidation which documents the propee usage of FSAutility -pm and -m options for placeholder migration.

Netbackup /backup and restore is supported if the server name remains the same.

Lastly there is a technote renaming file server targets which requires some database updates. Something you be best checking with support in advance of the fileserver rename or move of placeholders to a different fileserver without going through the documented method of FSAutility.

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Seems like you may have the answers you need above ... if this is the case please note this posting as being resolved. The most common reason for the above as was implied is the backup did not capture the ArchivePoints or the restore did not restore them properly. As you mentioned... recreation of the archive  points is a possbiilty. This can also be done outside of the FSAUtility and *could* be done programatically... however FSAUtility is the supported and more user friendly method. If this issue is resolved please take a minute to flag it as such in order to keep the resouces used to help individuals on this forum looking at the postings where help is required.

Thanks in advanced and please let us know what resolved this if the issue is resolved.