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FSAUtility restoring singe file

Created: 30 Aug 2013 | 6 comments

Hi guys\ladies, 

Is there any option to restore a single file from Enterprise Vault Archive using FSAUtility ? Maybre You thik this is silly question, but I really need help or maybe idea, how to restore from EV Archive one over 50 GB.

When I click on the file -> Open with -> ex. wordpad EvPlaceholderService starting restore of this file, and then creates one *.tmp file, temporary file grows,.... When *.tmp has about 35 GB then EVPlaceholderService creates another *.tmp file in the plceholder location, and then another and another. Finally I have 4 tmp files and all of them start growing till reach original file size. When two tmp files have original file size they are deleted and then EVPS creates another *.tmp files, etc. ......... Finally file is not restored and there is no any information in Enterprise Vault Event Log. Which setting can cause such a behavior ? What can I change in Reg or EV Settings to solve this error ? I don't want to trestore all files in Folder1.


FS - FileServer


file1.asd - 10 MB (placeholder)

file2.asd - 10 GB (placeholder)

file3.asd - 55 GB (placeholder) (I want to restore this file)


open file3.asd via wordpad.exe

file1.asd - 10 MB (placeholder)

file2.asd - 10 GB (placeholder)

file3.asd - 55 GB (placeholder) 

file3_12361092361928371.tmp - from 0 to 55 GB

file3_09849875938475934.tmp - from 0 to 55 GB

file3_98572038273402347.tmp - from 0 to 55 GB

file3_238427350112318273.tmp - from 0 to 55 GB

Thanks for any suggestions,


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Pradeep_Papnai's picture

Honestly I never tried to restore that much big file in EV server, Can you try to restore via EV search/Archive explorer.

Pradeep_Papnai's picture

I was looking at TN for file size limitation with FSA, It has been mentioned that the "Large files can be restored using placeholder shortcuts or Archive Explorer. There is no maximum size imposed".

Kamil Tatar's picture

Thanks EV-Conselor, but this TN is not for EV 10, sorry i didn't mention about this in previous post, so I'm using: Enterprise Vault installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 and the File Server is Windows Server 2008 R2.

Archive Explorer is prepared to use with Exchange archiving, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not able to restore files archived by File System Archiving Task.

Denis Kattithara 1's picture

'FSAUTILITY' cannot be used to recover individual files. However, you may consider restoring an entire folder containing this file to a different path. Once restored you may copy the required file and delete the remaining.

FSAUTILITY -t -s \\<current archive path> -d \\<destination>

You may use the -e option to restore specific file extensions only.

FSAUTILITY -t -s \\<current archive path> -e *.doc -d \\<destination>

Kamil Tatar's picture

Yes, I know how to use FSAUtility, I'm just asking how to restore very big files in EV. :)

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Hi kethrax,

Do you have pass-through enabled in the Admin Console? If so, what's the folder cache size? Also, if you collect a dtrace in the file server for EvPlaceholderService you can get more details during the restore process. I hope this helps.

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