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Full backup and Incremental backups

Created: 15 Oct 2013 • Updated: 15 Oct 2013 | 9 comments
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we have a full backup on Oct 14th ,but that's not a scheduled job.

can i run an incremental job tonight by creating a new job with same selection list ?

And also wanted to know whether we can run incremental jobs if we a 2 days old full backup ?


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If you have a full backup it is the baseline from which you can create incremental jobs with.  You cannot/should not run an incremental by itself.  

What is your retention period set for?

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what is this retention period ? where can i check it ?

Is it OPP or AP ?

Please let me know .


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assuming retention period as OPP.

OPP is till 11/12/2013.

Wanted to know ,if we run a full backup job without a schedule or policy ,can we run incremental jobs based on that full backup.

if we have 3 days old full backup ,can we run incremental jobs based on that full backup ?

Thanks .

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You can run incremental backups after a full backup, regardless of whether the full backup is a scheduled backup or a one-time backup.  However, you must ensure

1) you are using the same selection list

2) there are no other backup jobs since the last full backup.  If there are other backup jobs, then you must run a full backup before running the incremental backups.

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Just want to confirm on this "there are no other backup jobs since the last full backup" 

It means only to the server which we want to take incremental backups.. right ?

there are no other backup jobs(only one full backup - yesterday) for the server i want to take incremental backup of ,but there are other server backup jobs.

Am i good to go ?

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Yes.  You are go to go.

However, this is not a good practice because it is prone to human errors.  You should use a policy with a full backup template and an incremental backup template.

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Thanks Pkh .

Can i create  templates now for full backup and incremental backups and run the incremental backups starting today ?

Thanks again

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Yes.  Make sure that you use the same selection list as your one-time full backup job to generate the jobs from the policy.