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Full backup failing

Created: 18 Nov 2013 | 6 comments

For the past 4 weeks, our full backup has been failing with the following message. "e000ff16 - A communications failure has occurred with a Shadow Copy resource.For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-65302"

The selection is using DRSrReplicatedFodlers for our network drives under the Shadow Copy Coponents of the target NAS.

e.g. target is: Favorite Resources -> Windows Systems -> Server.local -> Shadow COpy Componenets -> User Data -> Distributed FIle System Replication -> DFSrReplicatedFolders -> network shared folders

I do have the AOFO selected in the job and the VSS wrtiers were stable when the job started but this morning there are three that are Waiting for Completion. They are:

Dhcp jet writer

DFS replication server writer

WMI writer

Should I turn off AOFO or re-register vss on the target server? The daily incrementials are working fine, it's only for the full jobs.

I need to get the full jobs working again.



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Vishal Shinde's picture


As the selection includes the DFS resources, the DFS writers should be stable, and not in waiting for completion state.

I feel, just a reboot of you target server should get the writers back to stable and your FULL backup should go through.,

Kind Regards,


Vishal Shinde

Sr.Learning Consultant

Symantec Education Services

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Have you restarted the server?  Since your writers are stuck in a failed state rebooting the server should set things running again.

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That's the next step, I'll have to find an opertune time since this is the production file server.

So any reason why the full fails yet the incremental is successful?

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...only reregister VSS writers if using Windows Server 2003 (or update to the latest VSS Rollup Patch). It is recommended to not do this on Windows 2008 and above, as it could lead to OS corruption.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Hello Ken,

Can you please check the event viewer for the VSS error reported, before you run any re-register commands?



Vishal Shinde

Sr.Learning Consultant

Symantec Education Services

kennyb's picture

The only thing that's close in the event log is "The VSS service is shutting down due to idle timeout."

I did turn off the AOFO for this past weekend's job and it went further than it previously did.

It stopped Monday morning with the same error "e000ff16 - A communications failure has occurred with a Shadow Copy resource"

VSSadmin list writers on the target server are still "Waiting for Completion for the same three writers (Dhcp jet writer, DFS replication, WMI)