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Full backup failure script

Created: 07 Jan 2013 • Updated: 08 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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I would like  to get email alerts for any  full backups that fail. Also I would like to get an email for all backup jobs that fail with a netbackup code 25 or 58.  Can this be accomplished using a script? If so does anyone have an example of this? If not is there a link  that anyone know of that may help?

This would be emails to a (single) recipient, we already get emails through ops center for synthetic backup failures.


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You can certainly set up alerts for specific status codes like 25 or 58 using OpsCenter Analytics, but it doesn't supply access to any schedule info like name or type, so it wouldn't be able assist with that.  I can't think of a way that would be done.

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You could setup a backup_exit_notify script on the master server using "if" statements for the required errors and use blat / sendmail to send you the alert
Take a look at the one there for the parameters it gets passed
Hope this helps

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Thanks Ron and Mark for your responses!

Ron, I will take a look at the parameters, hopefully they have good examples I have not written a script before.

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Wait, it's Monday and/or I just had a "senior moment": yes, you can also create a report in OpsCenter Analytics to notify you of any FULL backup failures.  I've had two set up for about a year now!

The first one is a custom report, using the "Historical" View Type and generating a bar graph, showing a count of the FULL schedule type backups and reporting on "Job Status".  I use this to verify that OpsCenter does, indeed, see some full backups each day, successful or not (there was a time this report stopped working after one of the upgrades that change dthe report filters, so I want o make sure it is seeing all the jobs).

The second one is also a custom report, using the "Tabular" View Type, where you can filter just the FULL schedule types. I have this one listing the failure code, so I can quickly show which ones need to be sent off to the other Ops teams.

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Ok good! Thanks Ron for your help, I appreciate it!