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Fundamental design requirement for a successful VM (VMware) backup with NetBbackup 7.5

Created: 14 Sep 2013 • Updated: 14 Sep 2013 | 1 comment

Hello all,
Am new to Netbackup, I would appreciate if I could get the following info so as to get started on a solid ground. I need the following pls:

1. All the configuration requirements for a media server that needs to backup VMs on shared storage - FC SAN,with nine ESX hosts belonging to three different esx clusters. The requirement should include the different options for backing up the vms,Zoning requirements/consideration,best backup policy type. Please note also that the infrastructure has upto 400 vms each having vmdk files with sizes ranging from 10GB to 1.8TB.

2. Best practice interms of configuration choice especially for the media server.

3. A design diagram/document showing how a media server (one media server) should be configured in a VMware ESX

4.1 environment with one vCenter and nine ESX hosts.

5. A complete document explaning how robot (tape library work-physical) and how netbackup uses the tapes/tape library.

Please note that I have read all the documentations provided by Netbackup especially the ones for VMware admin and Windows admin. What I need is a typical design advice from you guys that are having a successful VMware backup using netbackup 7.5. What is your media server esx host and FC SAN relationship or configuration like?
What backup policy are you using? - VMware or Flashbackup-Windows?

How many vms does a single policy has ?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Apologies for not responding to your post earlier.

I was hoping that one of the VMware experts would answer.

You are actually asking more than can be answered in a single post and needs a consulting engagement.

There are some articles and blogs on Connect that you can read, but I doubt that any of them go into the depth that you require.

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