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FwdDateEligibility is not working

Created: 19 Mar 2007 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 5 comments

Did anyone use this registry "FwdDateEligibility" to avoid archive message before cetain date?

I tried to add this into the registry with value "2005-01-01" but seems doesn't work. Message with received before 2005 were still be archived. Please help.

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Michael Bilsborough's picture

why are you trying to use this feature?

Leo Wan's picture

Because we want to avoid users to upload old messages from PST to Exchange and archive by EV. So if we can set this up, then we don't have to cater the sizing for old PST files.

Michael Bilsborough's picture

it's really noit designed for that use case.
So by not archiving them your saying what you want is these old messages in Exchange rather than EV. That doesn't make sense to me.
You will instead have to size Exchange for old items.

Why not put these old items into Ev rather than Exchange. After all you can't stop them putting these items into Exchange right?

Leo Wan's picture

Yes, you're right as we want those old message reside on Exchange rather than in EV. The reason is we have setup mailbox quota on Exchange for each user. So if user hit the quota limit and the old messages were not being archived by EV, they will clean them up from the mailbox. Otherwise, we have no way to enforce the users to clean up their old messages, assume we're not setting quota on EV.

Michael Bilsborough's picture
So I think what you're saying is you want to reduce the size of users mailboxes but you don't want EV archiving older data to do this, I presume you'd rather have your users just delete it?  Correct?
Then a better way would be to archive the data but have your expiry policy based upon archive date.  That way old items will be archived but as long as they are indeed old they will soon be deleted anyone.
Obviously you need to consider what this may do do your other retention plans.