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FYI - We can use MAC only in Predefined Computers

Created: 02 Jun 2011 | 5 comments
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I wanted everyone reviewing this forum to know that, though not supported yet "out of the box", we were able to get, essentially, a modified version (not fully regression tested) of the agents to do this in the currently supported releases of our products.  See the following:

We're doing it smarter in the next release (SP2) but for now, this works.

If you wonder why I even post this, it's because in DS 7.1 currently, you have to supply UUID, Serial, MAC, and IP addy to get a predefined computer to work correctly, but that's pretty much too hard to be worth it.  MAC is what you usually get from the manufacturer, hence these files.

Again, just as an FYI.

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THANK YOU for posting this! Words cannot express my gratitude!

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After following these instructions, it appears all of my Windows preboot drivers have been blown away. All I see are Linux drivers now, and WinPE hangs with the "Restarting DHCP client service". What can I do to resolve?

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Try a DS repair via the SIM.  Sometimes a physical server reboot helps as well.

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Yay! I finally got this to work, but the instructions in HOWTO41864 appear to be slightly off. The article says to follow KB article TECH139702 exactly beyond changes made to Requirement 1 in that document. However, Requirement 2 says you MUST assign the client an IP address - ANY IP address valid in the subnet, and the client will update the next time it boots. This is incorrect. I was unable to get my clients to import correctly if I included DHCP = 1 and specified an IP address.

So, what is correct is that if you are importing a Predefined Computer using DHCP, in your spreadsheet you must have DHCP enabled and no ip address entered. Again, not a big issue but it is behavior slightly different than what is described in Requirement 2 in TECH139702.

EDIT: Before I speak ill of Thomas' instructions, I just realized I had a second Task Server on the same subnet that may have been causing me conflicts when importing computers. So technically speaking, I don't know for a fact that entering DHCP enabled along with an IP address caused my problems importing. I do know for a fact, however, that it does work to enter DHCP enabled without also entering an IP address and subnet.

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Instead of importing a CSV I have created a workflow that adds new computers based on our naming conventions. I thought I was done but it looks like I have to create the computer and add the network device info. Does anyone know what needs to be mapped in the "Symantec.Workflow.Components.Resource.CreateResourceNS7" component?

I am so closed getting my Client Build Wizard working. The only issue now is that my clients pop up as a new computer once they boot into automation and not the computer I created.