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Gateway enforcer concern

Created: 27 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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Hello Guys,

Would like to know your opinion regarding this:

1. Gateway Enforcer having this error:

PCIe Training Error; Embedded I/O Bridge Device 1

System Halted

Is this already a hardware problem?

2. For now we decide to use a spare enforcer and install with the same image as the enforcer that was in 1 (SNAC 11.0.6). How about the settings of the enforcer from 1? Can I export it to the replacement enfrocer? How about the settings of the enfocer 1 in SEPM console?

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Have you tried re-imaging the Enforcer?  If not, I would start there.  The re-image only takes a couple of minutes.

If after a re-image, the Enforcer still will not boot with that PCIe error, then the first thing that support will have you do is to run the Dell Diagnostic utility.  Go to Dell's website and enter in the service tag number, and download the corresponding diagnostic utility and burn it to a disk, then boot from it.  I would start with the quick diagnostic, and if nothing is reported, then try a full diag (this can take a really long time to complete, prepare to leave it running overnight).

If anything is shown as being out of line, then SYMC support will send out Dell to replace the part/device.

However, if you have a fail-open NIC (you can tell by counting the number of Ethernet ports on the card, a fail-open has 4 on the PCI card), the diagnostic utility does not have the ability to test this card (last time I checked). So, if the machine passes all its diagnostic tests then we can assume that the fail-open NIC is faulty or not seated properly.  You can crack open the case and see if the NIC is seated properly.  Again, SYMC support can send out a tech to replace this for you if needed.

As far as keeping the settings, there is no backup feature, but as most of the config is pushed down from the SEPM . . .  All you need to config is the type of Enforcer (Gateway in your case), the interface (IP Address), DNS ,NTP, and the SPM connection to get started.

Please let me know if this helps.

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