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GCO for Netbackup 7.0 and SRDF

Created: 18 Feb 2011 • Updated: 14 Dec 2011 | 3 comments
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Hi All,

I am looking for GCO cluster with SRDF/A replication(Global Cluster option of Storage Foundation HA).

I am looking for the key benefits apart from normal failover features if we use global clustering of two Master servers with GCO.

With GCO, can we get

1.Backup Jobs re-starting is possible using check points?
2.What is the maximum time required for failover? 10mins?
3.Will GCO migrates the delta catalog( which is not in sync with DR SAN LUN) to the DR site automatically?
4.What kind of interaction of GCO with EMC symmetrix. Will GCO able to make the target read only LUN available to DR standby server automatically?
Assume: Netbackup Master environment with single node in each Data Center with GCO, EMC SRDF/A catalog replication.



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  1. Not sure what you mean
  2. Time is entirely down to components that VCS/GCO is managing so time will be however long it takes to start all components (and stop in a clean failover), so times of failing over SDRF, importing diskgroup, mounting filesystems, starting NB.  Only time you need to add on for GCO is perhaps a few seconds while VCS makes checks (like state of SRDF).  Note with GCO, detection of failure can take a few minutes by default as default network timeouts are high
  3. GCO will migrate whatever is been replicated by SRDF, so if SRDF if replicating delta catalog, then GCO will migrate it
  4. There is a VCS SRDF agent which supports SRDF/A - if will make the DR site RW and if array at Prod is available it will also do a role swap 


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Thanks Mike,

We are looking to use SFW HA/DR with GCO for Netbackup servers being on Windows 2003/2008. Is the Storage Foundation HA/DR GCO clusters on Windows 2003/2008 servers compatable for SRDF/A array replication? Is there compaability matrix available?



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Hi Krishna,

Yes it works fine! We've been using it without issue at a major client.

Here is the guide.

VCS_SRDF_Agent.pdf 650.08 KB


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)