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gdisk32.exe freeware?

Created: 21 Nov 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment



I downloaded gdisk32 from the site: that claims that this tool is freeware. Other sites claim that too.


I tried this tool and it works very good. I could write a batchfile that restors a partition when it is damaged.


If it is not freeware: Where can I legaly get it from? I dont need the whole Ghost Suite. Just this 'gdisk.exe' file.




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Eugene Manko's picture

Many sites host pirated software and this one is not exception. Ghost tools were never free software and they never were sold or distributed separately. You can buy Ghost solution suite (GSS), latest version is 2.5 (ghost 11.5), look at

We could have put draconian license software into ghost but this would impact our customers (just look at Vista example) so we just putting trust into our customers hands instead. GSS doesnt cost you that much anyway $34 per node if you buy five nodes and price goes down substantially if you buy more nodes. You can also just Ghost suit of tools (excludes Console and some other bits) but you better ring Symantec helpline to find out - details should be available on


Good luck!