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General Enquiry on Anti Virus version

Created: 25 Sep 2010 | 3 comments

Hi all, i had some enquiry on usage of different version of anti virus? eg: if i had one laptop installed with symantec Version 10 and another laptop installed with symantec version 11, and both of them had downloaded the latest denfinition..., will there be an incident that ver 11 able to detect the virus whereas ver 10 cannot detect the virus ? is there any write up on this too? appreciate your help, thanks!

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Hello knight81,

virus definitions are like dictionary. It used for knowledge for virus. Therefore if your sep clients have latest virus definitions can find virus But as you well know every new version fixed some bugs, some trics for do it things fast.

Everytime new version is good (if checked), I remember one torjan infected my clients machine and everytime show pop up windows as like "mail cannot send this recipient" I fix this problem with update my sep clients. This is only example.

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Ps: 10 can detect firus ofcourse if have latest definitions:)

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SAV 10, and SEP 11 would  have same definitions for  Antivirus and antispyware. However, SEP has two additional features, that SAV 10 does not have. These are  Network threat Protection, and Proactive threat  protection. These will boost the detection capability of SEP, and hence it is much more effective then SAv 10.

Kindly see this:


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If you are Using SAV 10 and SEP 11 Antivirus and Antispyware only then they are same..Then Additional features of SEP makes it different from SAV 10. Heuristic scanning and IPS will block a virus even if you don't have Virus definitions for it.

However there have been Vulnerabilities in Older versions of SAV that can be exploited so better be safer side on SEP 11

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