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Generate SavesetId values from Database?

Created: 05 Sep 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 2 comments

Hi, is any way to generate a SavesetID from the database tables directly?  maybe a function?



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These values are generated at the time of storing and are made up of different elements, so I don't think there is a "manual" way of doing this.


The SavesetID is made up of a checksum high, checksum low, date/time and transaction - all of which are generated by the software.

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I am trying to hang links to EVault items in another application, is there any other way to link to an item other than using the savesetid?


Just judging by the values in the savesetid generated in the getDocument URL it looks like the values are padded with addtional 0, for instance a link to a item with a checksumhigh of 4800000 will have a savesetid with a corresponding vaule of 480000000000000