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Generelle Frage zu Agents bzw. GRT

Created: 11 Jun 2012 • Updated: 12 Jun 2012 | 7 comments
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Wir haben mit einen Backup Auftrag für den vCenter und dessen virtuelle Maschinen erstellt. Im Backup Auftrag sind alle GRT Optionen aktiviert. Auf den virtuellen Maschinen laufen SQL bzw. Lotus Notes Datenbankserver. Beim Wiederherstellen kann ich zwar einzelne Dateien wiederherstellen aber nicht z.B. die Lotus Notes Datenbanken. Scheinbar wurden die Datenbanken nicht mit dem Agent gesichert. Muss für Server bei denen mit einem Agent gesichert wird, ein zusätzlicher Auftrag angelegt werden?

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As far as I know, there is no GRT option for Lotus Notes, so you would end up restoring the entire file.

That said, you won't get a Lotus Notes backup unless you have a Lotus Notes agent. BE would skip those files if they are on the Active File Exclusion list. You need to either license the agent, or change the way AFE runs via the TN below:

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Is right, Lotus Notes agent has been taken over in the database licence with. I could install the agent already on our domino server. The server will already backup about the agent VMWARE, unfortunately, the choice is absent for the back protection of the single databases. Must I put on with the database-servers to a own seperate job where I select only Lotus Notes databases?

I want a consistent backup of the databases, there it does not manage of my knowledge after on protecting only the files of a database.

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...see if this makes any difference, otherwise uninstall the license and reinstall it.

It is always recommended to split off DB and data backups from each other though...

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The difference lies in the fact that the backup runs through the Remote agent about the LAN. The backup about the VM agent would run through the SAN. About LAN the network is loaded and in our case extend the time window for the backup needlessly. I am confused, if the backup has renewed for a lot of money. Now ascertain I that I must protect the special apps (SQL, Notes, etc.) with the Remote Windows agents and not as promised about the VMWARE agent with GRT.


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SQL, Exchange und AD sind schon mit der 2010 mit GRT unterstütz worden auch wenn sie mit VM Agents gesichert worden sind. Der Remote Agent muss aber trotzdem auf diesen Servern installiert sein.

SharePoint soll mit der neue Version unterstützt werden.

Notes wird bis jetzt nicht unterstützt. Das muss noch klassisch über den Agent gesichert werden damit einzelne Elemente wiederhergestellt werden können.

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As the others have advised, AVVI GRT does not support Notes.  As you have observed, you can restore the Notes databases as flat files.  This is good enough.  The question is whether when you restore these Notes .nsf iles, are they corrupted and not usable?  If they are usable, I don't see your problem in not being able to restore them using the Notes agent.

The reason why the Notes agent is required for physical machines is that if you just backup the .nsf files as flat files, they will most likely be unusable when they are restored.  This is because they would probably be opened by Notes itself.  The Notes agent backs up the .nsf files using the Notes API so that the databases are o.k.

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As stated in other posts, backing up an online NSF database as flat file may render an inconsistent backup copy. Backup Exec Domino Agent uses Notes API to backup NSF files in the fashion recommended by IBM Lotus and hence guaranteeing consistent backup copies. In other words, it properly backs up a Domino NSF database even when the Domino server is running and the NSF is being used.

Domino Agent automatically backs up NLO files associated with an NSF - this is useful when backing up only a selected set of NSF databases.

Further, using Domino Agent, an NSF can be restored to any point in time if Domino server has archive logging enabled.

Hope this helps.

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