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Geographically clustered PGP Universal Server setup

Created: 29 Sep 2011 | 2 comments

One of our customers wants a geographically clustered implementation of the PGP Universal server (4 locations around teh world). The users should connect to the nearest available PGP server and not necessarily their home server since they have a concern on the latency. Is such an architecture supported by PGP? If yes, could you also let me know the applicable

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. Dependencies,
  3. Limitations and
  4. Design considerations


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Chetan D's picture

Hello Sharath,

Unfortunately NO !

We do not have the Archetecture to fullfill your demands at this point of time.

The clients will try to reach the same server where they were enrolled for the first time.

Yes, you can have clusters replicating amongst themselves with the data sync.

Usually it takes some time to transfer the user data in cluster environment.

Yes, again you can use the cluster member as a failover server but you need to route the clients to this server they are not smart enough to understand the load balancing Architecture.

I think this has answered all your queries.

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george fr.'s picture

how they choose to enroll? do they go to the first close site or the main and cluster is only load balance and not failover , please be more clear